gentle reader, it was a pretty fab weekend around here. the one thing that was missing was muscle barbie. it seemed we were traveling in different directions this past weekend. friday night she went to the movies with friends. friday night we stayed home, grilled some awesome steaks and watched the trust with nicolas cage. yeah. don't waste your time.... Read more →

gentle reader, we all face challenges. every single day of the week of the month of the year of our lifetime. some days those challenges are epic in nature. some days those challenges are minor blips on our radar. i always tell people facing epic challenges that we have to have those difficult days in order to appreciate the good... Read more →

gentle reader, i'm not one to engage in april fools' day shenanigans. i'm not sure i've ever been one to attempt to pull a quick one on the other guy or gal. maybe in elementary school but that was a long time ago and i don't remember. anywho, this post is about april fools' day 2016 and what i received... Read more →

gentle reader, it was a big weekend around here! three weeks ago, kiroman had what was supposed to be outpatient surgery that turned into one night in the hospital. the easy procedure became a tad bit more complicated than anticipated but he is healing nicely, taking it easy and following post-op orders! which were to take three weeks off work.... Read more →