gentle reader, welcome to meme monday! i'm so glad you stopped by to check things out. i know it's been awhile but the summer was busy and time moved so quickly. i admit to wanting to live in the moment rather than spend time thinking about the next blog post. so here we are, the last monday in august of... Read more

may 8, 2010 - june 6, knew her as sister. gentle reader, this blog post is written by muscle barbie. because i could not have written it any finer than she did. Friday I thought to myself multiple times to tell my mom to bring Eliza out to the lake with us. I was up so late just in... Read more

gentle reader, this is a topic very close to my heart. kirofamily has subscribed to this since kiroman and i began dating. don't get me wrong, i love spending vast amounts of time with my family and friends, i really do. but it's not always possible, ya know? so we adopted this mantra early on. because it's possible to spend... Read more

gentle reader, for those of you who may be part of the chiropractic world, there is a term coined "table talk''. this relates to how the chiropractor talks with his or her patients while on the table or in the room. it is suggested that the talk be kept to chiropractic related topics. i have my own, very distinct, opinion... Read more

gentle reader, i confess, i am a gear head. i love the smell of gasoline, oil and burning rubber. i love to hear the chirps of my tires on the pavement as i run through the gears. i have never gone fast enough. it's been awhile since i have engaged in a speed competition, on purpose. i mean, i've sat... Read more

gentle reader, it's been a long time. 740,966,400 seconds 12,349,440 minutes 205,824 hours 8576 days 1225 weeks and 1 day sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago. sometimes it feels like yesterday. this past weekend, kiroman was outta town. working on his philosophy diplomate for chiropractic. i stayed home. and cleaned the walk in closet in our bedroom. that was... Read more